Updated: Apr 11, 2021

We love working with newborns!

Babies in the first few days are so tiny & perfect. They don't move a lot but sleeping for hours...which means it is the best time to capture those little details.

However, a newborn session is the most time consuming times could take even 5 hours long and you need to know how to successfully prepare for it. 

When to book your session?

We recommend you to schedule your session in PRIOR to your baby’s birth to make sure we will have a date open for you.

Contact us during your third trimester and we’ll pencil you in for a date range around your due date, than we will ask you to contact us as soon as you can after your baby is born to set up your session time.


The best time is the first 4-14 days of life.

In order to get those adorable, sleepy images we all love, it’s best to do the session while your baby is still unaware and tired from birth.They just tend to do a lot better with the session within their first 7 days.

After these few days babies figure out that they can stretch out and it’s more difficult to pose them properly.

After day 14, it’s almost impossible to get baby into that deep sleep that came so easily in their first few days...


Newborn sessions take place in our studio based in Paphos or in the comfort of your home.

We will have the room heated warmer than normal temperature as the baby will be naked most of the time... so make sure to wear something light and comfortable and be prepared that you will sweat a little.

What you need to do as a parent?


Please loosen up your little ones clothing and diaper at least 30 minute prior to our session. This gives time for those little marks and redness to disappear. Your baby will be naked for most of the session so we want the skin to be natural and flawless.

SLEEPY BABY: All of those classic, sleepy newborn images we like to capture, require your baby to be in deep sleep. It may sounds difficult, but try to keep your baby awake 30 minutes to an hour just before our session time.

Don’t stress if you cannot do this! It’s simply a suggestion but baby’s have their own ideas of when they want to sleep and that’s fine.

WHEN TO FEED YOUR BABY: Try to wait to feed your baby until right before we start. During the session we’ll take plenty of breaks to clean messes, to feed & cuddle so don't worry :) just make sure you bring plenty of food, nappies and wipes for your little one.


If you planning to have some sibling images done, we’ll do those first and then the older kids can stay and play with Grandma, Dad or whoever can watch them.

PATIENCE As I mentioned before...Newborn sessions can last anywhere from 2-5 hours. The most important is your babies safety and comfort.

They will cry, they will poop and pee all over the blankets and props, they will get hungry and this is absolutely fine by ME... It happens and we wash everything after each session so don't worry about it... Just relax and try to enjoy your break while we work.

How do we prepare for our sessions?

PROPS AND BACKDROPS We have a great selection of props, hats, headbands, bowties, blankets, baskets and backdrops to choose from. Please be sure to discuss your desires with us before the session and let us know of any special items of your own that you would like to use.


It is important for us to let you know...Every newborn session is different as every baby is different. Not all the babies able to do every pose. We like to set clear expectations with parents for what to expect and the flow of the session.

We like to know you and your style so we can provide colors and setups that appeal to you.



It is helpful to have a plan and know what poses and props we want to use for the session.  Before you arrive to the studio we will already have a basic set ready to start...coloured blankets and props that you have chosen during out consultation. You will always have a time to choose some extra props or change colours if you prefer something different.

To help the baby sleep and relax we also used mobile app for white noise and nature sounds.


Our props and blankets are always cleaned and sterilised after each session. The studio is perfectly clean and hygienic for your little one.

In case if we get ill we are always call you to reschedule the session not to take any risk of the baby to catch it.


We use natural and strobe lights also, which is completely safe for newborns. Obviously less distraction is better and natural light creates a soft, lit composition that is beautiful for pictures but many times natural light is not enough to create what we are going for.



As every photographer we are also inspired by other professionals, but we don't try to be someone we are not!  After all, our clients choose US for a reason.  We have our style, we try new things...but we are US...


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