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This year again we were lucky to capture many families and children in our Christmas Themed Studio, create memories & have fun in a same time.

BUT! Does it always go easy?

When us as parents book appointments for a photoshoot we all have an idea in our head how will it go.

We choose the outfits and expect that our kids will stay still, listen to the photographer, not get bored, smile a lot and be cute as they can . We still believe in MIRACLES...

... Well most of the time is not that simple... kids need time. Especially when they meet new people and finding themselves in a new situation. Be patient and don't get stressed.

Us photographers we are always ready for the challenge. We see everything... AND we don't get upset if your kid need more time to relax front of the camera or if they doesn't want to sit still at all. We follow them and go with a flow :)

You can always help us... You know your child the most, means you know what helps to calm them, relax them or make them smile. ( Favourite songs, jokes, silly faces, funny dance can always work)

In this post I would like to show you the real process of a family photoshoot with small kids... under the age of 4... get ready and have fun !

Round 1. Let's try to get the attention for a perfect family picture :)

Round 2. Let's try again :)

Round 3. And again :)

But... at the end it will always work out. Maybe you will not have the PERFECTLY posed family photos, but u will definitely have the photos what shows the real family life :)

And now check out the final Gallery of this Christmas Mini Session

So dear parents... Do not stress during the photoshoot just have fun and enjoy it.

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