Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Christenings are just as important as Weddings. Is your Child's big day & Ours to. We will make sure that this moment will be remembered forever.

Regarding to our Clients wish we are not able to show all of the Families and every part of the Service. We respect that they do not want to be published online or share their Special Day with other people they don't know... However we hope that our sample images & description of our Service will help you to make your decision easy.

We have covered Orthodox, Anglican & Catholic Services all around Cyprus... We know what are the important steps of the Ceremony & even that each Father does the service a little different, the main steps are the same.

We work with 2 Photographers each Service, to make sure that the whole ceremony captured properly, without missing any important details. Depending on your package we cover the day from the " Dressing up the baby in your home " until the Party Reception.


- Dressing Up for the Service in your home

- Portrait Photos of a small family & baby in your home

- Family and friends arrival to the Church

- Decoration & Little Details, Dress, Shoes, Candles & all the accessories part of the Service

- Full Christening Service

- Family Portraits

- Group photos and any other requested photos before & after the Service

- Photos at Party Reception

Photo Book, Extra Printed Images, Albums and Canvas Photos are available for extra cost if it is not included in your package price. Feel free to contact us about prices.


Why do we prefer Photo Book over the Photo Album?

The answer is easy. Albums are heavy &

expensive. Even if it is something unique, many families can not afford to pay the price of an album and we would like to offer a solution for everyone.

Photo Books could hold the same amount of photos, depending on the size as an album, the only difference is that the papers in the book are not as thick as in the album & the cover is also lighter... Quality wise there is no different between colors or any other details.

Cover: High Quality Matt Cover

Size: 20x30cm - 20 to 30 pages depending of your choice

Paper: Delux Layflat Paper

If you wish to order an Album, instead of the book that's also available... Contact us for prices and options.

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