newborn & baby studio and lifestyle portraits


The wonder of a new life captured with love

As a parent  myself I know very well how does it feel ... From the first moment you see that positive test you are a parent...

You are a mom or a dad, your purpose of life is changing immediately.

Everything changes for forever, for a better. The most magical, exciting and challenging capture of your life is about to begin. They will never be this small again and time flies so fast.

We are here to capture all the small details of your little one so that you forever remember how it felt when they were so tiny and fit in your hand...


Newborn Portrait photography

Takes place in our studio between 4-14 days of birth. Early days are very important to be able to comfort your little one into deep sleep to create those artistic sleeping images. During this photoshoot  we use props, clothes, fabrics and other decorative elements matching the colour theme you choose for your photos. The session could last up to 4 hours. Your baby's comfort and safety is our main priority and I understand that each little one is different and has different needs... our sessions are completely baby lead. You will not be rushed during your newborn session, we can take as many feeding time and nappy changing breaks as many your baby need allowing time to settle and get comfortable.

Lifestyle Portrait photography

Takes place in the comfort of your home to provide the most comfortable and relaxing experience for you and your whole family. During this photoshoot we capture natural everyday moments of your baby and the family. As this session doesn't require the baby to fall in deep sleep or to be posed, we don't need to worry about how many days old is your little one. This photoshoot could take place any time when ever you feel ready.

One year old cake smash photography

 Is a themed session, capturing your baby's first cake experience on our studio or outdoor location of your choice.  You choose the theme, we create the fun around it.